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From solid basics to a winning finish


Nicole Brown was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. Her passion for horses began when she got her first pony at 2 years of age.  She grew up in 4-H and the all-around “open” show circuit.  If there was a horse involved, she tried it, encouraged by her parents — both of them already involved in horsemanship and riding instruction.

This early and well-rounded equine exposure inspired an interest in not only horses, but also an appreciation for the full education of horse and rider.  Nicole draws inspiration from classical and traditional methods, and from the new knowledge and understanding of the modern performance horse, combining these into an individualized training methodology that gets results both in, and beyond, the show pen.


Her love of reining, in particular, began to show through early on, “I would run and slide my pony on the grass every time it rained!”

Nicole first entered the reining pen in Saskatchewan in 1997 aboard Sterling Image, her long time Arabian partner in the open show circuit, and then on Moon Red, her first 3 year old.  Nicole’s total Equistat lifetime earnings now exceed $80,000.

Locke & Deb Duce of High River, AB, were instrumental in enabling Nicole to become more ‘reining specific’. Other people to influence Nicole are Don Rudko of Dugald, MB, and Shawn Flarida, Andrea Fappani and Duane Latimer, whose words of credit and advice have been very encouraging and helpful.  Nicole also holds high regard for those Canadians, especially fellow Saskatchewanians, who continue to be international leading names in reining.

In 2000, while working with Don Rudko, Nicole successfully showed TT Tivios Twist (Rat) in Manitoba.  Rat went on to have a very successful career as a youth horse, frequently finishing in the Top Ten, or Reserve, in the NRHA Youth 13-and-Under.

Ima Docs High Sign (Ima Doc Olena x Ima Natural High), aka “Simon”, was late in his 2-year old year when Nicole  started him.  It didn’t take long for her and the owner to recognize this little Appaloosa stallion’s talent.  Nicole & Simon went on to be an almost undefeated team throughout his 3 and 4 yr old years, wowing the crowds at the 2004 Appaloosa World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas, with a flashy Superman-themed reining freestyle.  Nicole’s creative spark and sense of fun shone through as she planned the choreography, music, and costume, and then, removed the bridle.  They won.  Simon became the 2nd-highest money-earning reining horse in Canada for 2005, and the top NRHA-earning Appaloosa horse in the world. Simon has since done exceptionally well with Shawna Sapergia in the saddle.

In 2005, a palomino stallion by the name of Shiners Q Chex (Shining Spark x Bueno Q Nic), came to Nicole.  They became a very successful duo on both sides of the border nearly doubling his lifetime earnings to over $60,000. Together they won the Canadian National Quarter Horse Senior Reining title three times, achieved the AQHA R.O.M. and earned a Silver Merit Award from the NRHA.  Since then, “Q” has been mostly competing in the Amateur Division, including the Canadian Supreme and the AQHA World Show .  He recently represented Canada with Sage Marie Sapergia on the Canadian Young Riders Team at the 2009 and 2010 FEI NAJYRC in Kentucky.


Nicole’s passion and talent for developing quality reining horses is evident in these and other fine athletes.

As a trainer, close attention to developing each horse’s potential as a performer is what sets these horses apart.  It all starts with laying a solid, classical foundation of clear basics,  and then building upon them.

As a coach, it is Nicole’s attention to these details that develops riders and helps them to get the most from their horses — encouraging them to be more than passengers, but truly thinking riders.  From general riding, to reining, to all around performance, Nicole’s versatile background enables her to improve nearly every type of rider and horse.


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