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It’s all about the details.

“The details are what separates the Excellent from the Average.”


Reiner-Nic Performance Horses believes firmly in honesty, integrity and accountability.  High quality training takes time, knowledge, dedication, commitment, communication, and good judgement.  New clients to R-NPH are always informed of the fundamental philosophy that governs the business.  First and foremost for R-NPH is honesty.  At any point in training or business, R-NPH will never speak words “just to make the customer happy.”  As an exapmle, if a horse is progressing very well, R-NPH will report such, if a horse is going through a sticky phase in training, R-NPH will report that, as is, as well.  This way there are no surprises in progress.  Also, if R-NPH feels progress is not going to the advantage of horse/trainer and owner, such will also be stated and an assessment of further training will take place.  R-NPH believes it is of no benefit to trainer or owner to continue down a training path that is not productive.  A client’s money is valuable and a trainer’s time is valuable so wasting either is not advantageous to anyone.


R-NPH holds high standards and aims to compete at the highest levels of competition.  Getting to this point requires an objective eye to all situations, clear and well communicated relationships with customers, and an ethic to train each athlete to the best of his/her ability-both horse & rider.  R-NPH strives for excellence in all aspects of training, showing, coaching & care.  There is a Reiner-Nic difference!


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