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Nicole is an EC certified Silver Reining Judge and is available for bookings.

Nicole is experienced judging 4-H and non Heritage shows.  She looks forward to shadow judging this season to complete her Provincial Recorded Judges’ status at which time she will be available to the Heritage Show Circuit as a judge.


Developing a quality reining horse is not a quick process.  Each horse requires conditioning of mind and body to develop into the working athlete that can take on the show pen and beyond.

Spaces for training are usually filled well in advance.  By keeping to a limited number of horses, the high quality of individualized training can be maintained. I do not believe in going “half way” with a show horse.

Potential clients are encouraged to visit the facility, before entering into a business agreement with Reiner-Nic Performance Horses, to evaluate the facility, the methods, and to satisfy any questions or concerns.


In some circumstances, a horse’s suitability in the show pen may become evident in as little as a month, or as long as a year.  Each horse is an individual and must be assessed on its own.

Those horses with the ability to be competitive in the Open division may be shown by Nicole.  Others are best shown by their owners as Non Pros or in the Limited Open.  The goal is to do the best job possible. Winning is always the goal, but having a good ride for the particular horse and putting in a good performance is most important.  Contact Nicole for rates & show fees.




Instruction (Coaching & Lessons)

In-house lessons are currently provided at Willow Ridge Stables in Saskatoon.  Focused reining instruction may be arranged, and Nicole also teaches general western riding and horsemanship lessons.

Coaching is also available, including support for shows.


Nicole has led multi-day clinics in western riding, reining and general horsemanship including basic English riding,  in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.  As a clinician, she brings a perceptive eye and her unique clarity in explanations, as well as her experience in training and showing some of the best reining horses in Canada.  To schedule a clinic, contact Nicole.


On an individual basis, Nicole can help with assessment and preparation of a horse for sale.


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